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Best time to visit the Thermal Baths in Budapest

Some people want to visit the popular baths in Budapest off peak hours, or when they are less touristy.

Should you want to choose the best time of the day, we suggest to visit the baths either in the morning at around 10 am, or around noon.

The early morning hours (between 6 am and 8 am) are less busy, as well, the pools are almost only used by local people. Mid and late afternoons are more popular with tourists, especially in the summer months (from June to September).

Weekends are more crowded,too so to have some more personal space in the thermal spa baths, you may wish to schedule your bath visit for a weekday (any week day open, from Monday to Friday). In the main Thermal Baths of Budapest all days are mixed, so you don’t need to plan ahead for coed visits. (Rudas Baths the only thermal Baths which offers men only and women only days on weekdays.)

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