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BathsBudapest.com is the general Budapest Bath Guide for tourists, expats and foreign visitors.

Baths Budapest
Baths Budapest

You can contact us for further questions in the following ways:

Email: info [at ] bathsbudapest.com

We get many bath inquiries, and usually respond to emails within 24 hours. Thank you for your understanding.

For massage booking in Szechenyi Bath or Gellert Bath, please use the online booking forms. Currently we offer online tickets and massage booking only in the two top Budapest baths.

Booking Szechenyi Baths Booking Gellert Baths

Phone:  00 – 36 – 1- 452 -4500

The country code of Hungary is 36, then comes the city code of Budapest (1). Please follow the instructions in the phone menu.

Address: 38 Nepfurdo Street Budapest, H-1138

The postal address of Budapest Thermal Baths company (Budapest Gyogyfurdoi es Hevizei Co.) is in District XIII, Budapest.


  1. My partner and I are visiting on the in July and have a ticket, towel and private cabin package. What are the shower arrangements please?

    • Dear Karen,
      there are shower cubicles in every Baths, although it can be vary depending on which Baths you will visit. In general there are showers in the changing rooms (men and women separately), and shower cubicles near the cabin area. There are hairdryers as well.

  2. hi,

    I’ve accidently double ordered a duo express ticket for the 24th September.

    is there a way to organise a refund for the second ticket?



  3. My husband and I are arriving in Budapest on November 3, 2016 to board the Viking Longship Aegir for the Grand European Tour. We are very interested in visiting one or more of the Thermal Baths before we depart on November 5. This will be our first time in your city and we are wanting to make the most of our time there.

    Can you tell me which bath would be closest and most easily accessible from the ship’s dock? What transportation would be available and what would you recommend for individual travel to one or more of the baths.

    Thanks for any assistance you might provide.

  4. Hello
    We arrive in Budapest at the beginning of May and will buy the Budapest card 48 hours. It wrote “one free entry to Szent Lukács Baths and Swimming Pool.” We can use all the pools / saunas? and we will be granted Locker or Cabin? Thanks. BR

    • Dear Elena,
      that is correct, you have one free entry to Lukacs Baths with a valid Budapest Card (no matter if your card is for 24, 48 or 72 hours). The free entry (your gratis ticket) includes a locker for storage. You can use all of the pools and thermal facilities in the baths, and some of the saunas (there is a separate sauna facility, which requires an extra entry fee, HUF 600 weekday, HUF 800 weekend). Have a lovely time in Budapest.

  5. Hello There.. I am visiting budapest on 27.03.2016 and i wanna try GB Aroma massage and pool entry. Since i am not sure what time i will be arriving Can i come on the same day and can avail the entry at the gate? Also in the same ticket will i be able to check out all the 18 pools?

    • Hello Manjunath,
      yes it is possible to buy the ticket and the massage on the spot, but please note that as massage hours are limited, there might be a chance that the massage hours will be fully book on the date.
      Yes, the bath tickets includes access to all pools.

  6. hi! i wanna visit budapest this summer and i wanna go to a partie in the baths! Theres parties in july or agost? thanks!

  7. Hi,

    We are going to Budapest on July and we would like to know what are the dates of the bath parties of that month.

    Thank you so much,

    Araitz Cítores

    • Hello Araitz, the party dates for the Budapest bath party series have not been published for the summer of 2016 yet, but most probably the parties will be on Saturdays, throughout July. Planned dates: July 2, 9, 16, 23 30. The location of the pool party is Szechenyi Bath, in the City Park of Budapest. Details about the party, and reservation of tickets (for the summer tickets please check back in March or April 2016): http://szechenyispabaths.com/sparties/

  8. Hi, I’ve read reviews that mention nudist terrace in some Bath Complexes.
    Could you confirm it and informe which baths offer , and days/hour is is available?
    thanks in advance!

  9. we were at the bath sparty the other night on the 27th and the photographer took a lot of pictures of us… when/where can we expect to find them online?

  10. hello,
    I want to come to a bath party in the summer and I will be 18. will my nus card count as ID?


    Swimming pool and wellness section (co-ed)
    Monday-Sunday: 06:00 – 20:00
    Friday, Saturday: 22:00 – 04:00 (with the exception of the panorama pool))

    Every day: 06:00 – 20:00
    Friday, Saturday: 22:00 – 04:00

    For women: Tuesday
    For men: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday , Friday,
    Group use: Saturday, Sunday

  12. Feedback- Wrong information on one of the Official websites- Says Ruda is open till 10 p.m on sunday Hi, I passed on sunday this weekend, and had a poor experience simply because there were some wrong information on one of the official sites (says Rudas bath is opened till 22.00): http://www.bathsbudapest.com/budapest-bath-opening-hours I arrived at 18.45 on sunday, thinking that the bath would close at 22.00 as mentioned on that website. I had looked really forward bringing my girlfriend to Rudas bath, so it was very dissapointing. I guess it has nothing to do with you, but I recommend you to fix it as i don’t think I am the only one that had trouble with wrong informtaion. Best, Paal

    • Dear Paal,
      thank you for your valuable feedback. We have updated the information on our website. Our deepest apologies for the inconvenience. Due to a technical error the site update has been unsuccessfully published earlier.
      Customer services

  13. I am flying to Budapest this weekend and would like to attend the Bath Party along with my friends who have already purchased tickets. However, I am unable to purchase the ticket online due to “code ten”. I have talked with pay logic and they advised me to pay in a different way yet I am still unable to purchase the ticket.

    I would like to know if it would be possible to buy my ticket in cash at the bath party (day of)? Please let me know ASAP. I would appreciate it so much. Looking forward to hearing from you and experiencing the bath party!

  14. Hi,
    We are three coming to Budapest, and we’d like to know if we can buy our tickets right before the party, or if we have to buy it online ?

    • Hello Clara, you can buy Budapest bath party tickets online or offline, whichever is more convenient to you. What makes online bath party tickets more appealing is that the price on the spot is slightly higher, as often times hardly any tickets remain (if at all) by the day of the pool party. But once you have an online ticket entry is guaranteed. Also, online tickets include a locker for storing belongings. As for ticket types, you may want to buy the fast track entry: queues build up for regular party entries, so you may wish to consider xpress tickets which enable visitors to skip the line (you need to let the ticket attendants know that you have a fast track entry in this case)

  15. Hi,

    we are travelling for the third time to Budapest with children (3, 6 years). We want to try new spas, such as historical turkish spas (we have already been to Gellert, Ramada and Szechenyi). Is it possible to go with children to Rudas or Veli Bej spa? Thanks for the quick answer, Jana

  16. Hello,
    could you please advise us if your next cinetrip party 30th Dec is outside or inside?

  17. Hi, is Friday night (22-04) at Rudas also male only? Thank you.

  18. Good evening,

    I am contacting you because we are a group of 20 French students coming to Budapest in November.
    Also, we would like to book 20 tickets for the party of november the 8th. Is it possible to book 20 tickets for this date ?
    What is more, we would like to know if it is possible to get a group price since we are a lot of students ?

    Thank you,



  19. Hello
    We were wondering which of the baths have men’s and women’s swimsuits for rent?

    Thank you in advance!


    • Hello Bill, all of the thermal baths have swimwear rental facilities but the process is currently cumbersome, not really recommended (easier to carry a lightweight swimwear in the suitcase)

    • Hello Bill, the major baths in Budapest all have rental services including mens and womens swim suits, but the rental process is a nuisance, complex and includes a highly priced cash deposit in Hungarian Forint. Apart from these drawbacks you can rent a swimwear just prepare with some extra cash (approx. HUF 5000 per person) in Forint, the local currency when renting. Or bring your own. Also, there are private vendors selling swimsuits in the main hall e.g. in Gellert Bath or Szechenyi Bath.

  20. Hello,

    I’m travelling to budapest the week-end of 16-17-18 january for a bachelorette party.

    We absoluted wanted to go to a winter bath party. Do you have the schedull for 2015? I really hope there is going to be a party we came just for that.

  21. Hi,

    I’m coming to Budapest on the weekend of the 9th of August – do I need to butya ticket to the bath party before I come? Or can I buy it whilst I’m in Budapest? Also what makes Cinetrip parties different to regular bath parties?

    Thank you


  22. If I wanted a ticket for tonight’s bath party would they be available at the venue?

  23. I want to make a reservation for the bath and massage. Do we need a lock for the cabin?

  24. Hello
    I have lost the confirmation for my bath party ticket for the 19th of July.
    Is there any way to recover this? I called the number in contact details but the woman did not seem to speak a word of english and hung up on me

  25. hello
    we want to come for a bachelor party to our bath parties. We are from Belgium. We want to come on 23 aug.
    Do you have a special price or discount for 14 persons. Is it possible to film? We want to make a movie for on his wedding.
    With kind regards.
    Jan Verheyen

    • Hello Jan, we hope you will have a fun party. Before you purchase the party tickets, please be aware that the bath party organizers reserve the right to allow / refuse guests based on their behavior / level of soberness. In the past there have been some bachelor parties wishing to attend the spa bath party, but the guests of the party were simply too drunk, loud and unfriendly by the time the party began at around 10 pm. Obviously, they were refused to enter the party so that the rest of the party goers can enjoy the sparty without a bunch of noise makers.

      Groups can qualify for a free ticket after every 10 people (you can choose the group discount batches for 11 people at the price of 10 people’s tickets). You can buy the group ticket for 11 people and another 3 full price tickets for the rest of the group. Unfortunately, this can only be made in 2 reservations.

      Movies, photos and in general digital media needs to have a special photo / video permit, and is normally issued for professionals only (press photographers and artists). There will be some public photos made at the party, shared by all on facebook.

      Have fun in Budapest Szechenyi Baths!

  26. Hello,
    how can I book 9 express for the 7th of june, ticket?
    On the site, only duo express are available…

    • Hello Baumann, if no single tickets are available online, you can only buy duo express tickets which is for 2 people, so you would need 5 duo tickets for 9 people and would have 1 extra ticket for a surprise person.
      Or, you can just try to see on the evening of the party in Szechenyi Bath if there are any tickets left for that night at the gate (may or may not).

  27. Volodymyr Sadnytskyy

    Dear friends! I’d like to attend your Kiraly Bath this June. Is it open? How much does a ticket cost and what is the best way to get there from Keleti train station?

  28. Hi, just wondering how the spring bath parties (May 24th to be specific) are different from the summer bath parties as it says they are the same venue?

    • Hello Marcus, in previous years the spring party venue used to be Lukacs Thermal Bath. From 2014 the late spring parties have moved from Lukacs Bath to the bigger and more famous Szechenyi Baths, just like the summer parties.
      So the difference now just remains mostly regarding the temperature, as summer nights can be quite warm in Hungary with degrees around 20 in Celsius, whereas spring nights are breezier.
      Another difference might be that in summer there are more tourists in Hungary than in spring time. So there would be more people on a July night than on a May night.

  29. Hello,
    I wanted to buy some tickets for the bath party for the 19th april, but nothing appears ahead from the 12th of april. Can you tell me if It’s a bug with the website or if they sold out?

  30. Are there any discounts to use your termal baths (besides students’ cards and people after 60) or a possibility to buy a cheaper ticket? Thank you in advance for understanding.

  31. Hi,

    I’m interested in tickets for the bath party of February 15, and I would like to know when are the tickets be available to buy.


  32. Any link for photo album on 23-11-2013 rudas spaty? Thanks!

  33. I come in early February to Budapest
    I read that days and days for men women
    I wanted to know when the days of entrance for men?
    How much is a ticket?
    What has the ticket price?
    What are the hours empty people what Hmhshaot full?

    • Hello Kobi, which bath do you want to visit? Most baths have mixed days (for women AND men), only Rudas Bath has separate days from Monday to Friday (except bank holidays). If you want to visit a Budapest bath on a men only day, you can choose Rudas Bath on Monday, Wed, Thursday or Friday (Tuesday is women only). The ticket prices vary: http://www.bathsbudapest.com/budapest-bath-prices
      In Rudas thermal it can be from HUF 3000 to HUF 4200
      The ticket price includes the bath use of the designated area (please see the above link which pools in Rudas can be visited with various tickets). The price does not include massage, beauty treatments or any other treatments, only the use of the pools, saunas, steam rooms.
      The baths are usually less crowded on weekday mornings when most people are at work, and most crowded at weekends. Please note the weekends are co educated in Rudas bath, and in all Budapest baths.

  34. Hello, can we find some photos of the 19th october sparty ?
    In a website, facebook, else?
    Thanks !

  35. Hi I would like to attend Bath Party tomorrow , 09 Nov.On the Website i can only see the Bonus ticket 120 EUR.

    How can i buy regular one ??


    Vineet Agarwal

    • Hello Vineet, there are so many people coming to the next bath party that simple tickets are not on sale any more, only bonus party tickets for 2. You may still go to Lukacs Bath to the entrance to try to get a ticket offline, maybe someone is re-selling theirs, but there is slim chance. Nevertheless, do try it.

  36. domenico germoglio

    we go to budapest from 21 to 24 december….there is some party bath night??? is not possible that there are party every saturday but no in 21 december….there isn’t a party also in rudas bath? thanks

    • Hello Domenico, we are sorry but that Saturday is an exception, in the current calendar there is no party scheduled for the 21 December in Lukacs Baths. But if we should change the program, we will let you know. Saturdays are full of parties in Budapest, so do not worry about the nightlife in general, but we understand that a bath party would be perfect.

  37. Hello Eylul, while it sounds a terrific offer to get a free bath entry to Lukacs Bath with a Budapest Card, the spa parties called Magic Bath party in Lukacs Baths are unfortunately NOT included in the Budapest Card deal. Only day time bath visit is free of charge with the official tourism card, the night time spa party has its own party ticket.

  38. Hello! I was wondering if the Lukacs bath party is free with the Budapest Card? I know the bath is free but wondering about the party. Thanks a lot!

  39. One simple question-Will you organise a partie in Ocotber and what date will it be?


  40. Hello, can we find some photos of the 19th july sparty ?
    In a website ?
    Thanks !

  41. Bill Clinefelter

    Dear Gellert Bath,

    My wife and I are visiting Budapest for the first time this weekend and have already purchased a day ticket to the Gellert Bath for Sunday, 14 July 2013 through the on-line service Hungaria Concert Ltd. Transaction ID: 77U88363E6105063V. We would also like to try and book a 30 minute massage for her and a 60 minute massage for him as well. Sometime late morning or early afternoon would be best if available. Can this reservation be done even though we have already purchased the day tickets on-line and then pay the difference when at the bath? Thank you.

    • Dear Mr Bill Cleinfelter,

      we have received your inquiry about booking your massage at Gellert Spa, and have contacted you via email from info@gellertspa.com (please check your mail box and spam box too for both emails: the ticket confirmations and the massage questions). Yes, you can reserve your massage on top of your bath tickets, without having to book twice.

      May I ask you what your preferred hour of massage is for the 30 min Aroma and for the 1 hour massage. Also please specify which of the VIP massage treatments do you wish to reserve, and what your preferred masseuses are.

      As we can only reserve massage treatments that have been pre-paid, I will make you a special form where you only need to pay for the 2 massage treatments of your choice (as you have already paid for 2 tickets).

      Please let us know of the following:

      the massage of your choice (1 hour)

      the masseuses of your preference

      preferred hours early afternoon or late morning

      Thank you for your update.

      Kindest regards,
      Csilla Kertesz

      Customer Relations

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