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Budapest has been called the ‘City of Baths’ since the 1930s, but many of the hot springs have been used by Celts, Romans and even before them, prehistoric men.  Hungary and its capital, Budapest, are lands of hot thermal waters with healing qualities.

Mixed bath Budapest Szechenyi Thermal Bath
Mixed Bath Budapest – Laura Billig Photography

Visiting the thermal spas in Budapest may arise questions if it is your first time visit. You may find misleading information on the internet, in old guide books regarding certain questions, such as nudity, pregnancy treatments etc.

Please read our FAQ, if you visit any thermal baths in Budapest for the first time. It will provide you with good orientation, and lots of useful information.

Can I?

Can I visit a spa with a partner? Visiting a spa with a partner depends on which of the Baths you have chosen. Most baths can be visited with a partner any day of the week (such as Szechenyi Baths, Gellert Spa etc), while Rudas Baths is the only bath in Budapest where men and women can bathe separately on certain days.

Can I buy tickets in advance? Yes, and it is highly suggested to buy your bath entries (Szechenyi Baths, Gellert Spa) to avoid the queues at the cashiers. Online tickets entitle you to fast track entries through a private entrance, you can enjoy the baths for a full day visit, with either a private changing cabin or a locker.

Can children go to the thermal baths? Many visitors want to know whether children (teens, toddlers, babies) can go to any Thermal Baths. Teens over 14 are welcome to enjoy all pools, but for a short period of time (20 min in a stretch). However, kids under 14 are not recommended to use the warm thermal pools of 36 degrees Celsius or more as their cardiovascular system is affected by the higher temperatures. Last but not least, babies who have not been potty trained yet (approx. under 3), are not permitted to enter any pools, not even in swim nappies.

Neck Massage Szechenyi Bath Budapest
Neck Massage Szechenyi Bath Budapest

Can I book massages in advance? Yes, and as massages are subject to availability, booking massage therapies in advance is recommended. You can book your Szechenyi Bath and Gellert Spa massage in advance. Please note that we can only offer massage for bath guests (no drop ins off the street).

Can I rent towels in the Thermal Baths? Towel rental is possible in Budapest baths, but please note that there are often long queues forming, sometimes with a waiting time of up to 30 min or more, to get a towel rented. If you do not wish to bring you own towel to Szechenyi Baths, nor rent one inside, you can purchase the towel pack (Bath Kit) online in advance, and pick it up at the Help Desk upon check-in.

Can I take photos in the spas? Generally speaking, taking pictures is not regulated, there are no photography permission rules, but there are privacy rules and also some guidelines. For instance, the general etiquette is to respect the privacy of others (allowing to take pictures of the building instead), while for general public photos the accepted public photo rules apply. For special media inquiries please send an email request.

Can I get a refund for the bath entries? If you buy a full day ticket to any spa in Budapest, but you only spend a couple of hours there, unfortunately, it does not entitle you to any refund. Full day ticket allows you to stay for any hours during any time of the day, as long as the facilities are open. In Szechenyi Baths, there is a somewhat reduced ticket price for afternoon tickets purchased after 5 pm (available at the cashiers only).

Can I use my hairdryer? There are hairdryers in every spa by the showers (and not in the cabins). Or, should you wish, you can bring your own with you. (Please note that only two-pole European style plug-ins will fit.)

Sunshine in Kiraly Bath Turkish Baths Budapest
Sunshine in Kiraly Bath Turkish Baths Budapest

I am pregnant. Can I come and enjoy the hot waters? May I have massages? Unfortunately, most thermal pools contain hot water (between 33 and 40 degrees) which is not recommended for ladies who are expecting a child. As for the massages, we are really sorry, but there is no thermal baths in Budapest that offer pregnancy massages. The reason for this is to prevent any potential medical complications that may occur during a treatment.

Can I visit the Baths if I do not feel well? Can you provide any health safety tipsThere are some certain physical / health conditions when enjoying hot water is not only not recommended, but even contraindicated, such as high temperature (fever), high blood pressure, various skin diseases, etc. To be on the safe side, if you have any health conditions / diseases  / skin legions, etc. please consult with your doctor before visiting the thermal baths.

Can I buy drinks and foods in the baths or can I bring my own? There are small cafes within the Baths’ buildings with affordable prices, but don’t expect a fancy dining experience, the place is a cafeteria (self served) food and drink bar. If you wish, you can bring your own food, but for hygienic reason eating is not allowed in the pools or near the pools. For drinks please do not bring any glass drinks as the baths are a splinter free area where glasses are not welcome.


What is the best time to visit the spas in Budapest? I want to avoid the long queues and the crowd. It is absolutely understandable that some people want to plan their visit for off peak hours, or when they are less touristy. We suggest to visit the baths either in the morning at around 10 am, or around noon.

Szechenyi Thermal Bath Whirlpool
Szechenyi Thermal Bath Whirlpool

What is the dress code in the different thermal baths?  Be as comfortable as you can. Although, there is not a strict dress code in Budapest’s thermal baths, visitors are expected to cover up between treatments, pools and when occupying a spa’s public areas, and must wear a decent swimming costume / shorts / swim wear while enjoying the different facilities.

What Shall I Take With Me to the Spa Baths of Budapest? There are essential things and there are recommended things which you should consider taking with you when visiting a spa.

However, while those who are enjoying a spa day will be provided with at least a locker, it is usually best to leave valuable items – such as electronic devices and jewellery – at home.


What is the difference between cabins and lockers? The most important thing is that there are no plain tickets without a locker or a cabin. Your bath entry comes with either of them. Both lockers and cab

Pool in Gellert Spa Bath
Pool in Gellert Spa Bath

ins are for storing your valuables, but cabins are smallis cubicles, where you can get changed too.

What are the opening hours during National and other Holidays? The opening hours of the Baths of Budapest are not affected on public holidays in Hungary, all the main thermal baths will be open as on Sundays. Please note that weekend tickets are needed on these days. Christmas opening times can be vary at the different Baths, please check them before your visit.