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Towel rental in the Baths of Budapest

Towel rental is possible in Budapest’s thermal baths, but please note that there are often long queues forming at the Towel Rental Stations (not at the Cashiers), meaning long waiting, sometimes up to 30 min, to get a towel rented. Although, renting a towel is cheap, but there is also a deposit fee, which is not cheap. Of course, as it is a deposit, it will be fully returned to you if you return the towel. The accepted payment method for the deposit is cash only in Hungarian Forint.

It may be more simple and convenient to bring your own towel.

Renting a small towel at the Thermal Baths

Buying a bath ticket with a towel rental is possible in many spas.

Should you wish to rent a towel, let’s take a look at the rental prices in Szechenyi Baths in 2016:

  • Simple Bath Sheet: HUF 500 (deposit: HUF 1,000). HUF means Hungarian Forint, which is the currency of Hungary.
  • Towel (a bit smaller than the bath sheet, 70*140 cm, but thicker and fluffier): HUF 1,000 (deposit: HUF 2,000)
  • Bath Robe:  HUF 2,500 (deposit: HUF 5,000)

There can be slight differences between the different Baths and Spas’ rental prices, please always check before your visit.

The reason for the deposit price for the bigger towel is to make sure the towels are indeed returned and not just forgotten about. Please make sure to place your towel in a place where others (other people who rented a towel) will not just pick up your towel.

Paying the Towel Deposit at the Baths

Towel rental is not at the cashiers, only at the internal Towel Rental Station. While the cashiers accept bank cards and credit cards, the internal sales points in are not equipped with card paying facilities, so you can only pay by cash inside (and in HUF currency, short for Hungarian Forint).
The towels are simple bath sheets, rather than thick fluffy towels. The deposit will be redeemed when you leave the Baths. So the actual cost of renting a towel at the Thermal baths is relatively affordable, but please be aware that the deposit prices are set to be high as a preventive measure (and unfortunately, based on the experience of recent years, and the high turnout of forgetful bath guests).

In the main Baths of Budapest you can also buy swim wear and towel at a vendor, if you do not like the idea of renting but would like to purchase your own item.

Buying a Towel in Szechenyi Baths

If you do not wish to bring you own towel, nor rent one inside: purchase it online in advance, and pick it up at the Help Desk upon check-in.
Bath Kits available for online purchase:

Buy Towel (with Szechenyi Baths logo): HUF 4,000
Buy Towel + Bath Entry with Cabin: HUF 9,000
Full Bath Kit (Towel, flip flop, swimming cap, 2 in 1 shampoo & bath gel, bottled mineral water: HUF 6,400
Full Bath Kit + Bath Entry with Cabin: HUF 11,800

All the towels have the Szechenyi Baths logo on them.

Buy your Bath Kit now on the following page: Bath Kit Booking

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