Outdoor Wave Pool Gellert Bath
Outdoor Wave Pool Gellert Bath

Budapest the City of Baths

Budapest Baths are one of the top reasons Budapest is visited by hundreds of thousands of travelers.


Szechenyi Baths alone is visited by over a million bathers per year, many of whom are from abroad: spa tourists, or visitors who want to feel what it is like to be in one of the baths of Budapest. Each bath in Budapest gives a special experience, unlike the others, so if you can, visit more than one of the Budapest Baths.

baths budapest
Baths Budapest

Budapest the City of Spas

Budapest has several nicknames, like the Paris of East or the Pearl of the Danube, and also the City of Spas. Indeed, there are so many natural warm spring waters under the city (imagine a cauldron topped with some layers) that Budapest has had several great thermal baths for many centuries. The Turkish baths along the river Danube are still functional and much favored. But more than a thousand years before the Turks, the Romans and even before them, the Celts have been enjoying the warm spring waters as baths, healing waters and drinks.

No wonder that by the 21st century, Budapest has reinvented itself as the city of medicinal waters and amazing thermal spas. The bathing culture of the Hungarians is very lively and health conscious: not only are water sports held in great respect, but the young and the old all enjoy the spa waters and the fun bath complexes. Aqua therapy is part of the regular medical practice, and doctors often prescribe water treatments in the healing spa waters for Hungarian patients. In the last few years, the bathing culture has been ingeniously fused with trance spa parties (sparties), so you can even be part of once in a lifetime cool bath parties.

Spa Baths in Hungary

Budapest is not the only settlement in Hungary with a powerful source of spa waters. There are many many baths in Hungary called Fürdő (Furdo): from BukkFurdo to Zsorifurdo. Heviz, the most important bath town in Hungary, literally translates as ‘hot water’ (hév-víz or Hévíz). According to estimates, there are approximately 1000 natural spring water sources in Hungary.

Many of the thermal baths in Budapest are century old, most importantly the Turkish baths, like the Kiraly Bath, Rudas Bath or Veli Bej Bath (the former Kaiser Bath or Császárfürdő). Interestingly enough, the most popular bath complex in Budapest, Szechenyi Baths and Pool, was only opened at the end of the 19th century (in a makeshift house, later on transformed into a beautiful palace). Another Budapest bath, which is architecturally equally stunning, or maybe more, is the Art Nouveau spa baths complex, the Gellert Baths at the foot of the Gellert Hill. Needless to say, the Turkish baths are unique with their original octagonal Turkish pools covered with mysterious domes with colorful glasses.


When in Budapest, go to the baths. Even if you are not a big fan of public bathing, it is well worth putting aside your reservations about  baths. But if you are not a water person, you can still visit the baths for the building: e.g. Szechenyi Baths has short, 15 min guided tours on most days throughout the week. You can book a massage or just enjoy personal treatments, hydrotherapy, mud therapy, etc.

Which is the best baths in Budapest?

One of the most common questions we get from tourists is which is the best Budapest bath. Our answer is usually, it depends. It depends on what you like, how much time you have, if you are in Budapest with your partner, or with kids, if you are interested in a budget ticket, pampering spa services, luxurious massage or just a few hour fun time at a great bath. If you spend more than 3 days in Budapest, we strongly recommend trying more baths. Each has a distinct character and is worth a visit for its own merits, pools, architecture, history, style, programs. If you only have three days, you can try the most popular bath, the Szechenyi Baths and Pool in the City Park (mixed all week), or the Turkish Rudas Baths (mixed at weekends), or, if the beautiful Gellert Baths (mixed at weekends). Budget travelers may find the recently refurbished Veli Bej Baths a great option (also has a historical Turkish pool). The more ruinous Kiraly Bath may appeal to those who like odd, cool, historical – communist things (weird in a good sense, ‘quirky’ – as in cool special historical bath, with odd white clothed personnel from the communist times, outdated interior, cheap prices, completely local clientele). Lukacs Baths is probably the most visited by Hungarians, so if you are a tourist who wants to mingle with the locals and keenly seeks out non-touristy places, Lukacs is your best bet.

Relaxing and Exciting baths in Budapest

How can these baths be both relaxing and exciting? Well, most of the baths in Budapest, have several pools with various sizes, facilities, activities, temperature etc. so there is bound to be a pool, which you will like. During day time, the baths are mostly visited by those who want to feel the healing power of the water, use the jets in the pools to get some water massage, play chess with old pals, chat with friends, take their foreign friends to the baths to share the joys of bathing, enjoy a massage, giggle at the fish pedicure, revitalize in the saunas and steam rooms (plus the cold plunge pools), do laps in the swimming pool, have a few beers at the cafe, laugh at the whirlpools (Szechenyi Baths) and fun wave pools (Gellert Baths), and at night may go and enjoy the sparties (spa parties).


Most baths have various bath tickets. Full day tickets usually include the use of all bath pools and facilities, but not the personal care services (massage, manicure or hairdressing). If you are planning to spend a spa day or half a day in a Budapest bath, make sure that you book the spa services in advance (the pools and facilities do not need to be booked, but in the high season the baths get very full, so you can save yourself about 45 min by buying the tickets in advance at the more well known baths, especially the Szechenyi Baths)



  1. Hello,
    I want to reserve but i dont want a paypal account. Is it possible to reserve with you directly? It will be on the 19th june, Double Royal Thermal Massage (2 persons)

    • Hello Jair,
      we have already contacted you via email about the massage booking process.
      Most importantly, PayPal always has 2 options to choose from, and one is WITHOUT having a PayPal account.
      1, login to use PayPal if you have a PayPal account or
      2, check out as a Guest – this is a great option if you wish to pay by (bank or credit) card and you do not have a PayPal account.

      The second option is always under the first option. You need to click on the 2nd option to open and expand the card detail form. After that it is just the same usual form used for any card payments.
      Hope this helps.

      Unfortunately, we can only reserve prepaid treatments as in the past there have been some guests who did not show up and the therapist was waiting and being paid with no guest to pay. Sorry about that but we can only finalise pre-purchased massages.

      Please do let us know if we can help more.

  2. I ordered my ticket and it never was e-mailed to the e-mail address I put it but the money was taken out through my paypal account. How can I get my ticket???

  3. Hi there.
    I’m looking to book a group party on the afternoon of Sunday 4th September of 14 people. Could you give me a quote? Thanks

    • Hi Hannah,
      the Group ticket for the price of €36.5 per person is the next cheapest option after the Early Bird Ticket (which is still available for your preferred date, Saturday, Sept 3, 2016 – the Budapest Bath Party is only on Saturday nights, from 10.30 till 3.00 am). Both Ticket types are limited, so booking in advance is highly recommended.
      Group discount with Group ticket: after every ten tickets you will get 1 free ticket.
      The way you can book it is 10+1 batch. For your group of 14 people it will mean booking in two steps:
      1st batch of 11 people
      3 more single tickets.
      Please note that these tickets are available in very limited numbers, so if you are lucky you can get it, but they usually sell out very fast.
      The party ticket is not valid for the day time bath use, and vice versa. To check the availability and make a valid booking, please follow this page:
      Please let us know if we can be of any further help with your booking.

  4. Grace Camilleri

    Is it possible to take a tour of the place without using the baths?

    • Dear Grace,

      there are guided tours in Gellert Spa for bigger groups visiting Budapest.
      There are visitor tickets in Szechenyi Baths which you can buy on the spot (it may take up to 30- 60 min to join a group for a round tour inside).
      It is free of charge to enter the main hall in either Gellert Spa (Art Nouveau) or Szechenyi Spa Baths though, so you may just wish to peep inside even if you cannot get around the whole building.

  5. Hi I would like to book for 16 people on Saturday 7th may 2016? Is there a discount?

  6. Hello
    I am dealing with a major concussion rehabilitation.
    Can you advise if any of the baths are noted to help brain injuries.
    What other services might also help with recovery?
    I will be in hungary for 15 days in june.
    Any insights would be appreciated.
    Thank you.

    • Hello Rayna, we suggest consulting with your doctor / GP before visiting the thermal waters to find out if hot spring pools would be safe / beneficial for you to use. There is no expressed help for brain injuries soaking / swimming in the thermal pools.

  7. Hello,

    Which baths would best be suited for families with children (ages 5 and 8) in April?

    Thank you.

    • Hello Canada,

      the best baths with little ones is perhaps off the city center of Budapest in the north of the city to be more precise, but is usually a huge fun for families: as April can be on the cool side it is a good choice to visit the water theme park in Budapest which has many child pools and slides (the name is Aqua World)

  8. Hi i nave seen that kiraly bath offer a private bath for two ours do you know what is it? They give you a little private pool?

  9. Hi, planning to come in May. Would you please suggest baths that we are allowed to visit with our 18 months old daughter (with swim nappies on) ? Is it possible ? Thank you.

    • Dear Jarmila,
      thank you for your inquiry.
      Under 14 the pools are not recommend for kids, as most of the pools are more than 33 degrees Celsius, which means increased stress for the cardiovascular system of children, whose body is not fully developed yet to be able to cope with the heat of the bath waters. On the other hand, if the parents decide to come anyway at their own responsibility, they can.

      However, children & babies who are not dry and clean yet (being potty trained) are not allowed in the pools, not even with a swimming nappy. This usually applies to children under 3 years of age. Babies and toddlers can come with you to the bath, and stay outside the pool area. Thank you for your understanding.

  10. Hello. I want to know if the bath works in January (and working hours). please tell me the price,how much does it cost per person?

  11. Can you please confirm if the thermal bath party (either Sparty or Lukacs) is open on January 2016? I am coming on 1/15/2016-1/24/2016, will it be possible to attend any midnight thermal bath party?! Thanks!

  12. I am coming with my wife to Budapest on 26th December but I cannot see any spar ties on that day, what event would you have on that day
    Your reply would be appreciated r

  13. Hello, me and my friends are trying to book a Trio-ticket. We have done the payment process with different credits cards nevertheless it always appears to us the same error.

    Would you have any idea about doing the payment by other way? Thank you so much.

    • Dear Daniel,
      we are sorry to hear that you have problems with booking your party tickets. As the complete online ticket buying process is on paylogic, including complaints, I would recommend you to contact the Paylogic Customer Service (customerservice [at] paylogic.nl).

  14. Hi,

    I would like to know which is the best bath place with hot water for reading (female) and possibly indoor facilities. I am looking for the period november – december, 2015. Many thanks.

  15. Hi. I’m trying to book 2 single express tickets for bath party this Saturday 25th. Ref number 205307554612. But it will not let me pay. Thanks.

    • Hi Joan,
      As the complete online ticket buying process is on paylogic, including complaints, we would like to kindly ask you to email asap to the email address of the Paylogic Customer Service in English (customerservice [at] paylogic.nl)

  16. Is it okay if I can’t swim?

  17. Hello

    Do you know if any of the baths offer a weekly or monthly pass?


  18. Hello,

    I attended the bath party on March 7th earlier this month and was unable to recover some of my belongings. I was given a concussion and a nasty black eye from some of the security guards at the spa party for defending my girlfriend who was being sexually assaulted and groped. Because of this I was unable to recover the money that was left on my magnetic drink card (Which was about 15500 Hungarian Forint) and also left a black and red button-down shirt. I still have the magnetic card with me but am now in Spain. I am an American citizen but I would like to recover my lost belongings as soon as possible. Hope to hear from you soon.

  19. I just want to see the architecture of szechenyi bath from inside and also take photographs ( not interested in swimming /bath/self care services ) Is that allowed ? How much is ticket and for how much time is that permitted ?

    • Dear Pradeep,
      visitor tickets are available at the cashier of Szechenyi Baths for the price of HUF 1,650 per person, which includes a short (approx. 15 minutes) guided tour inside the Baths. The guide is in English language.

  20. I am flying to Budapest this weekend (Jan 31) and would like to attend the Bath Party along with my friends who have already purchased tickets. However, I am unable to purchase the ticket online due to “code ten”. I have talked with pay logic and they advised me to pay in a different way yet I am still unable to purchase the ticket. I would like to know if it would be possible to buy my ticket at the bath party (day of). Please let me know ASAP. I would appreciate it so much. Looking forward to hearing from you and experiencing the bath party!

  21. Hello i will come to budapest with my girlfriend and we would like to visit at least one budapest bath.i have informed already about basic ticket prices in baths but i really can not find prices about massage and other similar services.we will prefer a cheap massage program!

  22. Hi, would love to visit your baths in November, would they be open then? Are the outdoor baths heated?

  23. Is there any chance of coming to the party tonight?
    Can I possibly purchase a ticket at the door?

  24. I want to contact a doctor before taking a bath. I suffer from various joints pain.

    Could you kindly help me in seeking an appointmetnt with a docot at the Gellert bath,
    Thanks for your kind attention and co operation.

    Chandrashekhar pant
    Pluggvägen 11
    13546 tyresö

  25. is there any party bath scene on thursday nights?? Unfortunately I will only be there from wednesady-friday afternoon and am really looking to experience the party atmosphere

    • Hello Jimmy, unfortunately there are no bath parties scheduled for Thursdays or Fridays. Bath party day in Budapest is Saturday only for now. For other days you could try the party scene in Budapest in the ruin pubs, Instant, Corvinteto, Budapest Park, and the many clubs, Studio, and so on.

  26. Hello
    We want come, we are 2 persons, and we com from france.
    I don’t understant your monay can you help me.
    In euros for one week end and for 2 persons please.
    when?? like you want just in 2014

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