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Budapest Bath Opening Hours

Most of the thermal bath houses in Budapest are open every day, often including bank holidays like Easter, Christmas, March 15 or August 20. Below you can find the general opening times of the major thermal baths in the city of Budapest.

Szechenyi Thermal Bath Budapest
Szechenyi Bath – Aaron Butler Photography

Szechenyi Bath Opening Hours

Out of the 18 pools in Szechenyi Bath, 3 pools are open air, while 15 pools are indoor. The outdoor and indoor areas have different opening hours.

  • Outdoor Pools (3 pools): open from Monday to Sunday 6 am – 10 pm
  • Indoor Pools & Bath Services (massage, rental, fitness, etc.): open from Monday to Sunday 6 am – 10 pm
  • Saturday Parties in Szechenyi Bath: in summer months, there are bath parties in Szechenyi Baths when the bath is open from 10 pm Saturday to 3 am Sunday.
  • Massage Hours: 9 am – 6 pm
  • Szechenyi Bath massage treatments are best to be booked online as same day appointments are not guaranteed

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Booking Szechenyi Baths
Pool in Gellert Spa Bath
Pool in Gellert Spa Bath

Gellert Bath Opening Hours

Gellert Bath is open all week, from Monday to Sunday.  Since Jan 1, 2013 Gellert Bath has become fully co-ed, open for women, men, families.

  • Gellert Bath: open from Monday to Sunday 6 am – 8 pm
  • Massage Hours: 9 am – 6 pm
  • the outdoor Wave Pool is only open from May to October (depending on weather conditions)
  • Gellert Spa massage treatments are best to be booked online as same day appointments are not guaranteed

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Booking Gellert Baths

Lukacs Bath Opening Hours

Lukacs Bath is one of the historical thermal bath houses in Budapest, which is free to visit if you have a Budapest Card

Lukacs Bath Budapest Pool
Lukacs Bath Budapest Pool
  • Lukacs Baths: open from Monday to Sunday 6 am – 9 pm (Cashiers close at 8 pm). From February 1 the opening hours change: Monday – Sunday 6 am – 10 pm (cashiers close at 9 pm)
  • Saturday Parties in Lukacs Bath: in some months, there are bath parties in Lukacs Bath when the bath is open from 10 pm Saturday to 3 am Sunday.

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Rudas Bath Opening Hours

Rudas Bath is one of the Turkish baths in Budapest, built during the 16th century, and extended with a modern swimming pool later on.

Rudas Bath is currently the only bath in Budapest that offers men only and women only days. Rudas Bath has variable opening times, and is the only thermal bath in Budapest with gender separated days.

Rudas Bath Budapest Turkish Baths
Rudas Bath
  • Rudas Bath: open from Monday to Sunday 6 am – 8 pm (Cashiers close at 7 pm)
  • Late night opening hours (no party, just bath): Friday and Saturday from 10 pm to 4 am
  • Men only days: Mon, Wed, Thur, Fri
  • Women only days: Tue
  • Mixed days: from Fri 10 pm to Sun 8 pm (Friday is men only day during the day, but at night from 10 pm the bath is mixed)

Kiraly Bath Opening Hours

Kiraly Bath is open all week. It is a mixed thermal bath from the 16th century Ottoman Turkish times, when the Turks flooded Hungary, and took the Buda Castle in the siege.

  • Kiraly Bath: open from Monday to Sunday 9 am – 9 pm

 Please note that your locker features a number in chalk. Do remember this number, otherwise the locker guard will ask you to stay until the end of the bathing time (to avoid claiming others’ belongings)


  1. Hello,
    Can I ask how I can get to the Rudas bath rooftop pool on an early evening. I am a female so does this mean I have to go on Tuesday? I will not be in Budapest on the weekend. Thank you very much.

  2. Hi, Will the baths be open in April 2017 for a hen do?

    Thank you,


    • Dear Kayleigh,
      Most of the thermal bath houses in Budapest are open every day, often including bank holidays. If you are thinking in a bigger group for the hen do, we would recommend to contact us to arrange the Baths Tickets, or massage treatments in advance online. We are looking forward to your booking, please let us know if you need any help.

  3. Is it possible to order massage on Friday night at Rudas?

  4. Hello,

    Me and 3 friends will be coming to Budapest on 26th Jan 2017 until 30th Jan, will any of the baths be open that time of year?

    Kind Regards

    • Dear Jade,
      The Baths of Budapest are open in winter months, making the thermal bath and pools one of the major attractions and winter things to do in Budapest, Hungary. Not only the indoor, but also the outdoor pools are open in winter.
      Enjoy your stay in Budapest!

  5. Which baths will be open August 20 and 21, 2016?

  6. Hi,

    Are the wellness pools and all the facilities open on Friday night (from 10pm to 4am) at Rudas ? What does the ticket include (lockers ?) Thank you very much for your reply.

    • Dear Clara,

      Rudas Bath is open for Night bathing: Friday, Saturday: 22:00 – 04:00 At the baths you can enjoy the healing waters of a 42-degree thermal pool and a 29-degree swimming pool.
      (The sauna world is not available during night bathing.)
      You can purchase a ticket with a locker/a cabin.

      Have a lovely time in Budapest.

  7. Are the Rudas baths open on easter monday?

    Thank you

    • Dear Anouk,
      yes, all the thermal baths in Budapest will be open during the Easter weekend including Rudas Baths (operating on a mix gender on Easter Monday instead of a men only setting), Szechenyi, Gellert, Lukacs, etc.

  8. Hi

    I will be in Budapest tomorrow with my 14 year old son, is it okay for him to go to the mens only day at rudas

  9. How will be open hours at Easter 25 – 28 March 2016 if I take hotel only with breakfast are restaurants open during Easter in Budapest?

  10. I was wondering which of the different baths have the best night party experience for young teenagers. Looking for music and a vibrant night experience in the summer.

  11. Hello, My friends and I are going to Budapest for New Year and we want to go for a Therme in Budapest..Eleven of us is going, soo we need the information, is there any of thermal baths that ll be opened on New Years day (January 1). We are stying in a hotel called Mercure in the center of Budapest. Can you please give us some informations about thermes on that day? Thank you.

    • Dear Leana,
      the thermal baths will be open on Jan 1, with the following opening times:

      Gellert Spa: 10 am – 8 pm
      Szechenyi Baths: 10 am – 10 pm
      Lukacs Bath: 10 am – 10 pm
      Rudas Bath: 10 am – 10 pm
      Kiraly Bath: 10 am – 9 pm

  12. Hello!
    I will be in Budapest only for 5 hours. Is any bath open till morning? Date 27.12. – 28.12.2015

    Viktor, Thanks!

  13. Hi there,

    Are the baths open between January 3rd – January 8th?


  14. Hi, so the days for women are just on Tuesdays? Thanx

  15. Are all the baths in Budapest closed today, 21th June 2015? Thank you

  16. Hi,

    Are the Ruda baths natural spring water? Also, is swimwear permitted?

  17. I will be there Monday the 6 of april which of the baths will be open for men women and kids?

  18. Hello,
    I will be in Budapest on Easter weekend (04 and 05 April 2015) and I am planning to visit the Rudas baths. Do you know if Sunday 05 April (Easter Day) the baths will be open as usual (and mixed for both men and women)? Many thanks,

  19. Hi,
    I have a question regarding open hours during Christmas time. Do you know if and what baths are open these days. Do some of them have some special schedule?


  20. Hi, i m comming the 30th december and i want to know if these baths are open 31 dec and 1-2 january , and also i don t know how to choose betewwen them. so if it is possible to know the differences and what is your recomandation,
    Thanks in advance

  21. Hi

    We are my daughters and me (their dad) in budapest from the 11 of july 2014 until the 140714.
    What are the opening hours of the swimming pools indoor and outdoor?
    Is gellert only indoor? And sezcheni?
    Thank you

  22. Good evening, I would like in the evening with my wife on March 22 2014. I have read it is not a separated bath during the night, is that right? Will it be possible to have massages too?

    • Hello Bruno, on March 22, 2014, which is a Saturday night all thermal baths in Budapest are co-educated. The only bath that is gender separated is Rudas Bath, but even Rudas Thermal is coed on weekends. Whichever Budapest thermal spa you would like to visit on March 22 you can bathe together. Please bring swimwear as all public bath and spa facilities are mixed and guests are to wear swimsuits / swimwear.

  23. Do some of the spa centers Szečenji, Rudas, Király, Gellert … a sauna for naturists and whether this particular plot?

    • Hello Arnold, sorry there is no naturist thermal spa bath in Budapest. But Rudas Bath has men only days 4x a week, and women only day 1x a week, when guests where aprons, but no swimwear. Likewise saunas are similarly co-ed and non-naturist. Only Rudas Bath is the gender separated bath in Budapest.

  24. I always reccomend the Rudacs Bath…
    There are many others principally The Gellert but having several years ago,when I moved to Budapest ,visited the Gellert bath and had my watch stolen and been treated abominably I vowed never to return.
    I hope things have changed in that time…Surely they must have done and it maybe the great experience but still I would never ever return..The memory of that first experience is still with me..

    • Dear Mr Mark Rimmel, thank you for sharing your views. We are glad that you like Rudas Baths in Budapest. At the same time, we are very sorry to hear that you had such a bad day in Gellert Baths, and can only hope that with recent improvements you will give us another chance to let you enjoy the restored facilities. We admit that there is still room for improvement, and are working of every problem our guests report, or we observe. The staff is learning customer management skills and English.
      We are truly sorry about the stolen watch, which we hope you have reported to our colleagues (some items are recovered, but they are typically towels, etc.). Items stored in the lockers and cabins in Gellert Baths, which have been closed by the guests, are not stolen. Items left by the pools are the responsibility of the visitors. Therefore, we strongly encourage visitors not to bring items of value, or to store them in the lockers and cabins, as we cannot control and keep an eye on what other guests are doing, taking, which bag or item belongs to whom in the hundreds and thousands of visitors per month.
      It will still take a few years for Hungary to recover from the Communist years and its unfriendly and non-English communication, but we trust that changes are taking place for the better. Thank you for visiting Budapest and her baths.

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