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Budapest Bath Prices 2019

Budapest bath ticket and massage prices are quite varied. In the prices below we only show the most frequently asked prices, for a detailed price list, please check out the individual bath info. The following prices are for 2019. Budapest Thermal Bath company reserves the right to change the bath prices without notice. Euro prices are indicative only, and depend on the currency rates, most cashiers only accept Hungarian Forint payment (not Euro).

Szechenyi Bath Prices

Prices are shown in Hungarian Forint (HUF or Ft for short, and Euros)

Tickets & Massage Szechenyi Thermal Bath
Weekdays –   Weekends & Public Holidays
Szechenyi Bath Ticket with cabin 6 300 Ft 6 500 Ft
Szechenyi Bath Ticket with locker 5 800 Ft 6 000 Ft
Szechenyi Bath Online Ticket with Private Cabin & Private Entrance € 21 € 22
20 Min Aroma Massage with Ticket & Cabin € 46 € 47
45 Min Harmony Aroma Massage with Ticket & Cabin € 76 € 77
60 Min Harmony Aroma Massage with Ticket & Cabin € 89 € 90
Pool Party Ticket from 10.30 pm to 3 am in Szechenyi Baths (order online) no party on weekdays.
Try a boat party.
€50 Standard,
€65 with Drinks (buy)
Booking Szechenyi Baths

Gellert Bath Prices

Prices are shown in Hungarian Forint (HUF or Ft for short, and Euros)

Tickets & Massage – Gellert Thermal Bath Prices (HUF)
Weekdays –     Weekends
Gellert Bath Ticket with locker 6 200 Ft 6 400 Ft
Gellert Bath Ticket with cabin 6 600 Ft 6 800 Ft
Gellert Online Ticket with Private Cabin & Private Entrance € 22 € 23
20 Min Aroma Massage with Ticket & Cabin € 47 € 48
45 Min Royal Thermal Massage with Ticket & Cabin € 80 € 81
60 Min Royal Thermal Massage with Ticket & Cabin € 92 € 93
Booking Gellert Baths

Lukacs Bath Prices

Prices are shown in Hungarian Forint (HUF or Ft for short)

Tickets – Lukacs Thermal Bath Weekdays Weekends
Lukacs Bath ticket with locker 3 900 Ft 4 100 Ft
Lukacs Bath ticket with cabin 4 300 Ft 4 500 Ft

Rudas Bath Prices
Prices are shown in Hungarian Forint (HUF or Ft for short)

Tickets – Rudas Thermal Bath Prices (HUF)
Weekdays  Weekends
Rudas Bath ticket with cabin (thermal pools only) 3 700 Ft 4 300 Ft
Rudas Bath Ticket combined (thermal and swimming pool) ticket 4 400 Ft 5 000 Ft
Rudas Bath Night ticket (Friday, Saturday: 10 pm – 4 am, no party, only late night swimming) – mixed night 5 500 Ft

Kiraly Bath Prices
Prices are shown in Hungarian Forint (HUF or Ft for short)

Tickets Prices (HUF)
Kiraly Bath ticket with 20-minute massage 6 000 Ft
Kiraly Bath ticket with cabin 2 900 Ft
Kiraly Bath ticket for Students (with valid Student ID. over 14) with locker 2 000 Ft

The price update was made on Jan 8, 2019


  1. I’m traveling on a budget and for a short time. Do you have any student discounts or half day prices? For example from 7 am to 1pm?

    • Hi Sofia, unfortunately there is no student discount or limited hours discount, but if you visit the baths on a weekday, the entry will be cheaper.
      The budget friendly thermal bath in Budapest is Lukacs Baths, included (free entry) with a Budapest Card, which is perhaps your best bet if you want to see many things at a cheap price

  2. Is there any way to purchase an all day pass that would be for more then one bath? (example: Szechenyi and Gellert? Or can we enter into the baths to just walk around and see it without swimming? We are not wanting to be in the baths all day but to look around.

    Thank you

    • Hello Megan,
      you can book separately for Szechenyi and for Gellért Spa.
      There are visitor tickets in both bathhouses, please find more details on the link below:
      Szechenyi guided tours:
      Gellert Spa Visitor Tours:
      Have a nice stay in Budapest!

    • Hello Megan, unfortunately there is no all encompassing bath entry to multiple thermal baths / spas in Budapest, what a lovely idea though!
      Guests who explore more of the thermal spas in Budapest buy separate tickets. If you do not wish to swim / soak in the hot spring waters, but are curious about the building we would recommend taking a self-guided or guided tour. Unfortunately, guided tours inside the buildings are very limited, they are not walk in. Please contact the bath directly to arrange your visit in advance.
      That said, the main hall can be entered free of charge in Gellert and Szechenyi and they are both worth a visit, if you only wish to take a sneak peek.
      We will soon publish a new guided tour about the thermal baths. What is your planned date for the visit?

  3. Hi, I am interested to visit the Szechenyi Bath in the morning at 7am on Tuesday.

    How much the entrance ticket would be for the locker facility?

    How many hours can I stay to use the bath?

    Thank you

    • Dear Joe,

      weekday price with locker depends on which Spa would you like to visit. A few examples:
      Szechenyi Bath Ticket with locker, weekday 4 700 Ft
      Gellert Bath Ticket with locker, weekday 5 100 Ft
      With the Bath Ticket you can stay in the Spa for the whole day, till closing time. There are also discounted tickets after 5 pm in Szechenyi Baths, or special night tickets at Rudas Bath. Please, find more information on the website (http://www.bathsbudapest.com/budapest-bath-prices).

  4. Harsh Tibrewala

    Hi i would be traveling to budapest in june 2016. i am flexible with dates. i am planning to stay at bhudapest from 3rd june to 5th june or 7th to 9th june which is a weekend. which would be a better option? also which bath should i book? can i book a package including massage and bath party with some express entry? please let me know soon as i have to schedule my itinerary. thanks :)

    • Hi Harsh,

      if you wish to join a unique party experience, we would recommend to book the Szechenyi Spa Party – please note, that you need to book separately for the daytime bath use + massage and for the Sparty. To make a valid booking for Bath- and party ticket, please follow the link: http://szechenyispabaths.com/booking/
      On the link above you can find every information what can help with decision. Please let us know, if you need any help with your booking.
      Enjoy your time in Budapest.

  5. Do the spas provide/rent towels ?
    Do we have to pay for a whole day as our time in Budapest is limited?
    We are an old couple which spa is best?
    Any spas near Heros Square? – our hotel is there
    We are in Budapest 1st week in Jun

    • Dear Alan,

      thank you for contacting us.
      As you will stay near Heroes Square, we would recommend to visit Szechenyi Bath, which is just a few minutes walk from Heroes Square (approx. 5-10 min on foot via the City Park).
      The bath offers afternoon tickets, which means you can enter the Bath after 5pm (this can only be purchased on the spot though)
      – after 5 pm bath ticket with cabin usage 4 900 HUF weekday, 5 100 HUF weekend,
      – after 5pm bath ticket with locker usage 4 400 HUF weekday, 4 600 HUF weekend.

      If you also wish to book a massage we suggest booking it online in advance as June is quite busy and treatments get booked up often 1-2 weeks in advance.
      Opening hours: indoor pools until 7 pm, outdoor until 10pm.
      Towel rental: http://szechenyispabaths.com/szechenyi-baths-towel-rental/
      Have a lovely time in Budapest, the city of Baths.

  6. Hey, I am a student living in Vienna and I saw some of your image videos about the outdoor bath parties. With laser show and everything. When is the high season for this kind of event and which of the several baths is the biggest? Is there a special day or date when u would recommend to come? Is there something like tables or bottle service at these kind of parties?

    Thank you very much in advance for your effort

  7. Hi :) If we were to pay on the day of the visit for the use of the baths, can i use my american express credit card?

    Thankyou x

  8. Hi we are a couple and would want to experience budapest bath.we are going on august.what would be the most affordable for us that you suggest?and i would like to ask for reservation because im afraid there are many tourist at that time. I would greatly appreciate your response.;)

  9. Hi, I’m a student from Indonesia and I would like to go to Kiraly baths. I see there are discounted price on students, I have my student ID but I’m not an European resident. Is it possible for me to have discounted price? I’ll turn 18 by the time I go there.

  10. Hello I would like to ask something. I read something on Google that if you’re going for saying, 2-3 people. And you got one cabin and the other ones in locker, they say you can switch turn to change in cabin is that true?

  11. Hello

    We are ( me and my wife ) coming to Budapest on 21 st Feb 2016 . We would like to try thermal bath and half an hour massage . Could you pls suggest us which bath we should book and how much will be the charge. My wife doesnt swim.

  12. Hi,
    we are coming to budapest in January , 5 Adults, 2.5 children 2 and 4 years.

    1- which bath are open in winter?
    2- which bath can we go with the kids to enjoy the day as i think some baths doesnt allow kids?
    3- any covered pools which kids can enjoy (not open air pools)?

    thanks very much

    • Hello Diana, Aqua World in the north of Budapest is probably the best choice for a winter pool experience with kids. Excellent toddler pools, lots of slides, play house and play area for children, as well as wellness facilities. Unfortunately, it is not close to the city center of Budapest, like the popular thermal baths, but it would still be the best option for families in the cold winter season.
      Most thermal baths are not recommended for children under 14 as the water temperature is too high for them. Also, swimming nappies are not allowed in the baths (only potty trained children can enter the pools).

  13. Good afternoon,

    we are going to visit Budapest these days, but we are not sure in one thing. We have 2 years old child and she still has to wear nappy. And my question to you is, if is there any spa in budapest, where can we take her with us, so that we give her swimming nappies. Thank you for your answer.

    With regards,


    • Hello Renata, Aqua World is we believe the best choice for a winter pool experience with toddlers. There are great toddler pools, lots of slides, play house and play area for children, as well as wellness facilities. True, it is not close to the city center of Budapest, like the well known thermal baths, but it would be a great choice for families with little ones in the colder seasons, including October / November, etc..
      Unfortunately thermal baths as such are simply not recommended for children under 14 as the water temperature is too high for them. Also, swimming nappies are not allowed in the baths (only potty trained children can enter the pools).

  14. Hi I am organising a hen party for January 2016 and would really like to go to a thermal baths party, but am unable to find out what dates these parties will run in 2016.

    Would you be able to confirm of these run every Saturday night?


    • Dear Miranda,
      thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately there will be a break in January, and the first party date in 2016 will be Feb 13, 2016. Thank you for your understanding.

    • Hello Miranda, I’m afraid there will be no bath parties in the month of January. The winter party series has dates throughout Nov 2 parties have been scheduled for December, while 2016 bath party dates start from February. Booking links are now open, and have already been published. You can book party tickets for the winter season. Please note that most of the winter parties will be in Lukacs Baths, not in Szechenyi Bath (big exception is the pre NYE Pool Party!)
      More party information, booking, FAQ, etc: http://szechenyispabaths.com/sparties/

  15. Hello :)

    We will be in Budapest on 18 and 19 July and would like to visit Gellert Bath, We are 4 girls will it be possible to have a private cabin for 4 girls? And how much will it cost?

    Thank you,

    • Dear Via,
      thank you for your inquiry.
      Private changing cabins are quite small, they can comfortably take up 1 person, and a bit more tightly even a couple to get changed. However, if you wish to use the cabin for more than 1 person, we suggest getting changed by taking turns.

  16. Do you have to buy online tickets for the Saturday night baths or can you pay on arrival?

    • Hi Annie,
      buying your party tickets online in advance is highly recommended, as they are available on the spot in very limited numbers. Also, please note that at the cashier of the Baths only the Single Tickets are available for the price of HUF 11,000.

  17. Hi,
    I’m interested in visiting Gellert baths. However, since I am in Budapest for only 2 days I’m wondering is there a half-day ticket?
    Köszönöm szépe

  18. Hi,
    Once entering the Szechenyi baths say in the morning (10am), can I leave for afew hours in the middle of the day and return later on the same day?

    • Dear Mark,
      thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately bath tickets are single pass tickets, once you have left the building of the Spa, you will not be able to enter again with the same ticket.

  19. do you accept euros?

  20. Hello,

    My boyfriend and I will be visiting Budapest from the 20th Jan till the 24th Jan for his birthday and would like to experience one of the baths. We were just wondering what baths would be best to go to this time of year and how we would go about booking and what not.

    Thank You

    • Hello Sophia, that is a good question as each major thermal bath has its own beauty and character. Most tourists go to Szechenyi Baths, which is the biggest with its 18 pools, saunas, etc. and its 3 outdoor pools, 2 of which have warm spring water and are special in winter time http://szechenyispabaths.com/
      Gellert Spa is another main choice: http://gellertspa.com/ with its artistic interior and perhaps fewer people than in Szechenyi Baths.
      Many locals go to Rudas Baths (several Turkish bath parts from the 16th century are still functioning in the historical and modern building), or Lukacs Baths. Lukacs Baths feature winter Magic Bath parties in January: http://lukacsbaths.com/
      Booking online currently is only available for treatments, massages in Szechenyi or Gellert Bath in Budapest (and of course for the spa pool parties)

  21. Hello,

    I would like to ask if there are monthly or yearly offers or some kind of subscribtions with discounts for any of the baths.

    Thank you

    • Hello Kiki, yes, there is a yearly bath pass in Budapest, also available for a quarter of a year or half a year. The prices of the bath passes vary, depending on which bath you wish to visit on a regular basis (there is no overall Budapest Bath Pass for all baths at the moment). For details and pricing please inquire at the cashier of a particular thermal bath.

  22. Hello,

    If i visit budapest with my girl, what would be the best spa to visit for a “romantc” stay for a hour or two?


    • Hello Remon, perhaps it would be Gellert Spa (Art Nouveau, elegant, with luxury massages), or Rudas Baths (historical, Turkish and modern pools), or Veli Bej Spa (small, intimate, recently restored)

    • Hello Remon, it really depends on what is romantic to you. I would recommend Szechenyi Baths from 5 pm (18 pools are open) or from 7 pm (only the 3 outdoor pools are open). For a more historic time travel you may wish to choose Rudas Bath on a Friday night.

  23. Hello,
    I am coming to Budapest with my two kids, 6 and 2 years old. It seems that Szechenyi Bath and Gellert Spa are not the best choices, though we really want to visit these two places.

    For Aqua Water Park, does it have warm water pools? OR it is just the same as any other regular pool in any other countries?

  24. Volodymyr Sadnytskyy

    Dear friends! I’m going to attend Kiraly Bath in June. Are you open? What ‘s the best way to use a public transport to get there and what is the cheapest ticket to enter there?

    • Dear Volodymyr, Kiraly Bath is open throughout the year, every month. In June the bath is also open. The public transport is by number 86 bus, which goes through Fo utca (Fo Street), or taking a walk from the Margaret Bridge streetcar stop (streetcar 4 or 6 stops on the Buda side of the bridge). Ticket prices are for a day visit for HUF 2400, or HUF 1700 for students.

  25. Hi, I’m coming to try Rudas Bath in Feb. May I know if I can pay by credit card in most of the baths in Budapest?

    • I would like to know if you can provide a robe and a towel. We should take flip-flops with us or you also provide that? How much will it cost, the ticket for the baths, the robe and the towel?

      For an adult and a 17 year old person.

      • Dear Sara

        Please note that rental prices can be vary in the different Baths, so take the below prices as an informative (the prices are from Szechenyi Baths):
        Simple Bath Sheet: HUF 500 (deposit HUF 1,000)
        Towel (a bit smaller, but thicker and fluffier than the bath sheet): HUF 1,000 (deposit HUF 2,000)
        Bathrobe: HUF 2,500 (deposit HUF 5,000)
        Swimwear (women): HUF 2,000 (deposit HUF 2,000)
        Swimwear (men): HUF 2,000 (deposit HUF 2,000)
        Swimming caps can be bought in the rental facility of Szechenyi Spa for HUF 1,000.
        Slippers can be bought in the entrance hall shop for HUF 3,000.

        If you wish to buy a towel, flip flops, or a Bath Kit prior to your Spa visit, you can use the following page:
        Bath Kit package (HUF 6,400) contains:
        Towel (buy & keep)
        Flip-Flops (buy & keep)
        Swimming Cap
        2 in 1 Shampoo and Bath Gel
        Bottled Mineral Water (500 ml)
        You can buy towels separately with the Buy Towel package, for HUF 4,000.

  26. I come in early February to Budapest
    I read that days and days for men women
    I wanted to know when the days of entrance for men?
    How much is a ticket?
    What has the ticket price?
    What are the hours empty people what Hmhshaot full?

    • Hello Kobi, which bath do you want to visit? Most baths have mixed days (for women AND men), only Rudas Bath has separate days from Monday to Friday (except bank holidays). If you want to visit a Budapest bath on a men only day, you can choose Rudas Bath on Monday, Wed, Thursday or Friday (Tuesday is women only). The ticket prices vary: http://www.bathsbudapest.com/budapest-bath-prices
      In Rudas thermal it can be from HUF 3000 to HUF 4200
      The ticket price includes the bath use of the designated area (please see the above link which pools in Rudas can be visited with various tickets). The price does not include massage, beauty treatments or any other treatments, only the use of the pools, saunas, steam rooms.
      The baths are usually less crowded on weekday mornings when most people are at work, and most crowded at weekends. Please note the weekends are co educated in Rudas bath, and in all Budapest baths.

  27. Thank you.
    What discount can I get in each bath with Budapest CARD? (I nkow that Lukas baths are for free)

  28. Hello.
    We are comming to Budapest with small kids: 2 and 4 years old.
    Are they allowed to enter the baths? What is a price for them?
    Thank you.

    • Hello Eugene, I assume that you do not only wish to enter with the kids but also enjoy the facilities with them. Gellert Spa has special children tickets, but only potty trained / nappy free children are allowed to be in the pool. The thermal waters are not recommended for children under 14 though (especially not for a longer stretch of time), so it is up to the parent and his/her responsibility to take the kids, just like in the rest of the thermal baths in Budapest. We usually recommend visiting Aqua World water theme park in Budapest where there are many pools for children and even babies to enjoy all year round, even in the winter months. In summer time Palatinus or Dagaly open air lidos / baths are perfect for families with children. Some of the thermal baths have a policy not to allow children under 14 into the baths (e.g. Kiraly Bath), but Szechenyi Bath and Gellert Spa are open to children too, as long as the parents take control. Szechenyi Baths has a similar policy to Gellert Spa (parental responsibility, diaper free kids in pools). Enjoy Budapest!

  29. Hi ! We are a group of 60 people (international students) and we are coming over in january. Are there any group discounts for the thermal bath ?
    Thank you for your answer


  31. We are a group of 6 people and we visiting Budapest for the first time next week so we would like to try and book a 15 minute massage (the treatment which combined with the entry ticket) at Kiraly bath for all (3 men’s and 3 women’s). Sometime early afternoon at Thursday 26 of September would be best if available. I am looking forward for your answer
    Thank you.

    • Hello Catherine, unfortunately there is no online bath service reservation for Kiraly thermal baths. Short massages can be reserved online in Gellert Spa or Szechenyi Baths at this moment. In Kiraly Turkish Bath, you can simply get a massage (if there is any available) at the cashier, when buying your bath ticket.
      Have a great time in Budapest!

      • HALLO,

        • Hello Alex, unfortunately there is no online bath ticket reservation / purchase in Kiraly Bath Budapest. Guests can buy their bath entries on the spot depending on availability. True, the bath is of the smaller size, so on peak days it may be full house / no space. The nearby Rudas bath (also a Turkish bath) is a men only day on Friday, at the time of your Budapest visit in December. But there are many other nice baths in Budapest, also on the Buda side, e.g. Gellert Spa Bath: http://gellertspa.com/
          or Lukacs Baths: http://lukacsbaths.com/ (free to visit if you have a Budapest Card: http://budapestcards.com/)

          Have a beautiful winter holiday in Budapest. Some ideas for winter things to do, including the Christmas market: http://budapestchristmas.com/


        • Hello Alex, we would recommend the morning hours in Kiraly Bath (bath opening is at 9 am in the morning) or early afternoon around 2 pm. Please note that in most thermal baths in Budapest, swim wear must be worn in Kiraly Bath. Flip flops or waterproof sandals are also recommended. Have a nice and relaxing bath in Budapest!

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