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Children in Thermal Baths

Many visitors want to know whether children (teens, toddlers, babies) can go to any Thermal Baths.

Children Under 14 Years

Kids over 14 years of age  are allowed to go to the baths. However, for children under 14 the pools are nor recommended, but the parents can decide to come anyway at their own responsibility.

Babies / Toddlers

Children & babies who are not dry and clean yet (usually under 3), are not permitted to enter any pools, not even with a swimming nappy. Babies and toddlers can come with the family, but have to stay outside the pool area with somebody looking after them.

Please remember, most outdoor and indoor pools and baths are more than 33 degrees Celsius. It means increased stress for the cardiovascular system of children, and as their bodies are not fully developed yet, they find it hard to cope with the heat of the bath waters.

Baths for Families

Families with children are best to visit one of the open air lidos of Budapest, especially Palatinus Pools on Margaret Island and Dagaly Lido close to Arpad Bridge.

These Budapest pool parks (lidos) are close to the city center, and have lots of fun pools specifically designed for kids of all ages, plus there are various baths with thermal water for parents too.

Palatinus and Dagaly are also much loved by locals as the pools are surrounded by grassy, bushy green areas where you can play volleyball, Frisbee, the children can run around, etc.

However, at the Thermal Baths of Budapest, there are no slides, not any very shallow pools for toddlers, and it is not permitted to throw balls in the pools. In addition, the area of the pool side is covered with stone panels. The baths, saunas, and pools have been primarily designed for adults and for patients who have been prescribed aqua therapy, balneotherapy, etc.

Please be aware that as a parent it is your responsibility to decide whether you bring your child to any spa. We strongly encourage you to enjoy the best bath facilities Budapest can offer for children and families at one of our lidos (Palatinus, Dagaly, Csillaghegyi, Romai, Paskal, etc.)

You can also visit Szechenyi Baths or Gellert Spa for a short bath tour (without soaking in the baths, just to take a look around) for a modest price. Please check our price list for Szechenyi Spa Baths and Gellert Spa.

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