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Lukacs Baths Budapest Spa Party Photo
Lukacs Baths Budapest Spa Party Photo

Lukacs Bath

Lukacs Bath is one of the historical thermal baths in Budapest, and is a good value for money, especially in 2013, when the Budapest Cards include a free entry to the Lukacs Baths (open from Monday to Sunday).

Lukacs Bath Outdoor Pools
Lukacs Bath Outdoor Pools

Lukacs Bath is one of the favorite baths of locals, and until 2011, it has almost exclusively been visited by locals only. Due to recent changes, the bath has got more attention (parties, Budapest Card free bath entry inclusion).

Opening Hours of Lukacs Baths:

Mon – Sun: 6 am – 10 pm

Even though the architecture and facilities in Lukacs Baths are more modest than the popular Szechenyi Bath or the famous Gellert Bath, both of which are ornate palaces, Lukacs Bath has its own strengths and specialties, like the many Gratitute Tablets or stone plaques on its walls saying thank you for the healing power of the geothermal waters, or the Himalayan Salt Room for curing respiratory problems, or the Weight Bath used for stretching the back, treating spinal injuries, etc. Detailed info about the Lukacs Bath Pools.

Lukacs Bath Budapest
Lukacs Bath Budapest – Party from the Clouds

The history of Lukacs Bath reveals that the geothermal hot spring waters coming from deep underground have been used by the St John’s knights in the 12th century, later by the Turkish dignitaries and soldiers in the 16th century, while in the 1880s the bath has been completely redesigned and rebuilt as a spa hotel  and wellness center. In the 1970s, the bath has officially become a water hospital to treat locomotive diseases and prescribed as physiotherapy.

The many marble Thank You plaques have been placed here after the successful aqua therapies, from the 1890s onwards. Most of them got broken in the World War 2 unfortunately.

Lukacs Bath Budapest Indoor Pool
Lukacs Bath Budapest Indoor Pool

The bath, named after St Luke (Szt Lukacs Gyogyfurdo) is located close to the Margaret Island, a few min walk from Margaret Bridge on the Buda side with some Budapest hidden gems in its vicinity (16th century Turkish attractions, or a cave under the Buda hills called Szemlohegyi Cave.

Lukacs Bath may give a small taste of why Budapest is the City of Baths, but if you want to experience something even more magnificent, we strongly recommend trying Szechenyi Baths or Gellert Spa too.

Lukacs Baths was also known among locals and tourists as the party venue of the Saturday night party series.  From 2018, the venue of the Bath Parties is Szechenyi Baths all year around (More info about Budapest Bath Parties)




  1. Charmaine Gilbert

    Hi there,
    I read in my Time Out guide that there are mud baths in the Lukacs baths? Is that the case? We’re coming in a couple of weeks!

    • Dear Charmaine,
      yes, there is mud treatment amongst the healthcare services in Lukacs Baths, but it is available only for those who have a medical prescription. Thank you for your understanding. Nevertheless you may inquire at the baths to find out about the exact terms and conditions of the mud treatments.
      Have a great time in Budapest!

  2. Hi! anyone is selling ticket for the 19th??

  3. Hello, I am trying to acquire 2 tickets for Saturday February 27th party. If anyone is selling them or knows how I can get them please reply.

  4. Hi! We won’t be able to go on a bath party day but i am curious if you can drink at the pools on a normal day? Is there an atmosphere for a group or is it more relaxing on a Tuesday evening?

  5. Hello, where can I find the Lukacs Bath pictures from last Saturday?

  6. Hi, I’m interested in going to the party on february 21st and I would like to know what is included in the Xpress Duo. What is the cabin and what kind of bag is that.

    Thank you!

    • Hello Karin, inclusions in the Xpress Duo bath party ticket package are enlisted on the payment page:
      quote “2 Tickets + cabin, 2 towels, 2 bags & 4 drink coupons”
      the package is for two people. There is 1 cabin in the package which is like a wooden cubicle with a little bench for getting changed and storage. The bag is a textile tote bag with the Sparty logo.

  7. Halloween Pool Party
    Hello I want to ask if the halloween poolparty will only be outdoor or also indoor in lukacs bath?

  8. Hi I an interested for 4 tickets for this saturday 22 march for the Open bath party at Saint luckas baths

    If anyone want to sell it for a decent price please contact me.

    We are in budapest right now and can move when you want where you want to catch the tickets



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