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Rudas Bath Turkish Bath Budapest
Rudas Bath Turkish Bath Budapest

Rudas Bath

Rudas Bath is probably the most popular medieval Turkish bath in Budapest, the City of Baths, famous for its bathing palaces like the Neo-Baroque Szechenyi Bath or the Art Nouveau Gellert Bath.

Rudas Baths
Rudas Baths

What makes Rudas Bath stand out is definitely its 16th century core, and the fact that the bath has a special very late night opening hours every Friday and Saturday (the baths reopen from 10 pm to 4 am, both nights). Also, Rudas is the only thermal bath in Budapest, which has men only and women only days on weekdays, when aprons are worn by many guests instead of traditional swimwear.

Rudas Bath has recently been restored (in 2012), and is located at the foot of the scenic Gellert Hill on the Buda side.

Turkish baths in Budapest are amazing oriental monuments with modern day facilities. Many tourists who visited Turkey will expect to see the dry Turkish sauna as a Turkish bath, but the medieval Turkish baths of Budapest are not steam baths as in modern day Turkey, but historical Turkish baths with a central octogonal shaped pool extended with other baths.

That said, you can take a Turkish bath as a steambath too, as Rudas Bath offers a complex bath and wellness experience, including a hamam (Turkish sauna) as well as an ilidza (Turkish “Ilica” for warm thermal spring). There are 6 thermal baths in Rudas Bath as well as a larger swimming pool.

The knights of St John in the 13th century built their healing center here, then after the Buda Castle siege, when the Ottoman Turkish armies successfully captured the Royal Palace of Hungarians, the Turks started to build a series of Turkish baths along the river Danube, using the deep underground hot spring waters for relaxing, bathing and healing. Sokollu Mehmed Pasha (Sokoli Mustafa), the Turkish pasha, who excelled in the siege of Vienna, and governed the town of Buda for 12 years during the Turkish occupation in Hungary, made sure that the baths are well built (with hard ceramic pipes, and tiles brought from Turkey).


  1. Hi, My friend and I are thinking of coming to Rudas – Just to check, how deep are the baths? Also, do you have any treatment options available? And finally, what are the prices for any of these experiences and entry too.

    Thanks in advance,

    • Hello Kay, Rudas Thermal Bath in Budapest has six steam pools and a swimming pool. The swimming pool is 10x 21,5 m and it gets progressively deeper from 105 to 180 cm. It is the deepest pool at Rudas Baths where the water temperature is 29°C.
      In the steam pool section, the largest pool offers 96.5 square meters of water surface and 36 °C water temperature, there are four 9 square meter large pools with 28-30-33 and 42 °C water temperatures, and the smallest pool is 4.5 square meters, with 16 °C water temperature.
      The wellness department provides a Juventus pool, a plunge pool, a rooftop pool and two hot water pools.
      Please note, that there can be queues at the rooftop pool on busy days.
      Prices and booking – prices depend on various options: weekend / weekday, locker/cabin and access to the pools with hot or cold water.
      Visiting a weekday is cheaper than a weekend and lockers are cheaper than cabins.
      Hope this helps in the ‘decision tree’.
      Enjoy your time, the spas and baths in Budapest.

  2. ear Rudas Baths,

    I am going to Budapest in August with my mam and dad.

    We have been looking into these baths, and I have to say that they are beautiful.
    My mam and I want to go and spend few hours enjoying the benefits of your waters. We know that Tuesday are only women.

    We were wondering what is the dress code and nudity policy. Do we need to wear hats? Also we would like some information about services as massages, etc.

    Thank you very much.

    Kind regards,


  3. My mum and I are thinking of going to visit the baths on Tuesday, women only. We were wondering what’s the dress code and nudity policy. Thanks

  4. Hi Ma’am/Sir
    I would like to ask me and my boyfriens will visit budapest next thursday june 16.2016 i would like to ask if we can have some sauna, and access of the roof top pool and how much in euro because i can’t understand its not in euro the prices..
    Please reply i really want to try your pools

  5. Hello, we will come June,6th to Budapest and we need to know if we need to make a reservation for the hamam?

  6. Hi,

    Where can I find information about prices? How much does an entry ticket cost?

  7. Dear sirs, are the Rudas baths open on Sunday, May 1st? We’re a mixed group men-women and we’d like to come, but we don’t know if it’s open or not. Thanks a lot.

  8. Hi,

    I am attending Rudas Baths this weekend.

    Do I need to pre-book anything?

    Many Thanks,

    • Dear Hannah,
      thank you for your inquiry.
      Tickets to Rudas Bath can only be purchased at the cashier of the Baths.

    • Hello Hannah, there is no need for pre-booking (there is no online advance booking option for tickets or for the panorama pool, you need to buy tickets at the cashier in Rudas Baths in Budapest). Sometimes, treatments may get booked up so it is worth contacting Rudas Bath directly to book a massage in email (rudas@spabudapest.hu). Have a nice time and enjoy the thermal baths in Budapest!

  9. Hi. Are massage/treatments and access to the new wellness area available for the Friday night session at Rudas? Thanks.

  10. Are there any baths other than Gellert that have private baths? the ones at gellert just look like boring tubs I am looking for something a bit more interesting.. THANKS !

  11. Hi do you provide swimming suits rent service? or can I buy it there ?

    • Dear Qi Long,
      thank you for your inquiry.
      Yes, it is possible to rent swimwear in Rudas Baths for the following prices:
      Women one-piece swimming dress HUF 1,200 (+ deposit HUF 1,500)
      Men swimsuit HUF 1,200 (+ deposit HUF 1,500)

  12. Which baths have the warmest water? Which would you suggest when it is in the 30’s outside?

  13. Hello,
    I will be in Budapest on 23-25 December 2015. I’m wondering if Rudas Bath will be open on either the 23rd or 24th Dec. Since it falls on Wednesday and Thursday, I assume it will be a men only day? Besides Rudas Bath, which other Baths will be opened as well?
    Please kindly advice.
    Thank you.

    • Dear Toshi,
      please check back early December for the official dates at Christmas time in the thermal baths of Budapest. The management usually announces the finalized days late November or early December. Until then, we can only share the traditional opening hours (tentative), which have been customary in the last 10 years, but they have not been confirmed for 2015 yet.
      You can find the traditional opening hours (2013, 2014, etc.) on this page. http://budapestchristmas.com/rudas-bath-at-christmas
      Dec 23 is normally unaffected by the Christmas holidays, so standard opening hours should apply according to the calendar days (it is also true of other thermal baths in Budapest on Dec 23). Dec 24 will usually have shortened opening times. Dec 25 is normally open, but with somewhat modified opening hours.
      That said, these are unconfirmed by the bath management yet.
      Hope it is still of some help in planning your Budapest winter holiday.

  14. i want to know if there are a certain days for women only

  15. Hi, does Turkish part of Rudas working?

  16. Hi,does is ture that Turkish part of Rudas is under renovation?

  17. Hu,does is ture that Turkish part of Rudas is under renovation?

  18. Hi, I red somewhere that Rides is u Der the renovation. Is that true?

  19. Hello, could you please tell me which baths require swimwear? Not into nude bathing, thank you

    • Dear Barbara,
      Szechenyi, Gellert, Lukacs and Kiraly Baths are co-ed baths every day, therefore swimwear is required at all times. There are certain days in Rudas Baths, which men only or women only days, but it has also mixed days (Saturday and Sunday), when wearing swimsuits is required.

  20. I am visiting Bupapest with 9 other girl friends and we want to go to either the Rudas baths or Veli Bej baths. Can you book either of these in advance? I would be very grateful for a reply.

    Thank you

    • Dear Carole,
      thank you for your inquiry.
      Unfortunately online booking is not available for those baths at the moment, only in Gellert Spa and Szechenyi Baths. To these baths you can make your booking in the booking form on the left side of the main page.

  21. My wife and I want to go together to the Rudas baths in early May, 2015. What days and what hours are available for us to go together? Thanks

    • Dear Rob,
      in Rudas Bath weekends days (Saturday and Sunday) are co-ed, so these are the days when you can visit the Bath together (opening hours: 6 am to 8 pm). Also, there are night bathing hours available every Friday and Saturday (the baths reopen from 10 pm to 4 am, both nights) for men and women together.

  22. Hello,
    We’ve been planning a visit to Budapest this spring to experience the bath culture. It seems to us that the purpose is lost with the baths going mixed and clothed, and may end up opting for Istanbul instead.
    But could you tell us the opening hours for the men only clothing optional days at the bathing house? Just so we can consider it.

    • Dear Patrick, we are sorry to hear that.
      Please find the men only days in Rudas Bath as follows:

      Men only days: Mon, Wed, Thur, Fri 6 am – 8 pm (Cashiers close at 7 pm)

      the rest of the week is mixed or women only:
      Women only days: Tue
      Mixed days: from Fri 10 pm to Sun 8 pm (Friday is men only day during the day, but at night from 10 pm the bath is mixed)

  23. Thank you for my earlier query when I plan to visit late April 15 on a Friday afternoon, male only day. Can you please advise on the dress code so that I may come prepared……..James

  24. I am visiting Budapest this April 2015 with my male friend and would be grateful for clarification on men’s only days at any of your baths with times. Rudas also offers dance evenings, are any male only?
    I have read many travel guides and visited most of the web sites and all seem to offer varying reports and conflicting information.
    I would be grateful for your assistance & help……..Thanking you James

  25. I want to confirm whether the Turkish baths in Hungary are not the same as the ones in Turkey whether they use a sponge and scrub you down? Are these only thermal springs? Are there ones in Hungary where they scrub you down?

    • Hello Wennie, you can order such service in Lukacs Baths, called “Turkish massage” (Hammam style on a heated / hot marble platform), and has various versions, e.g. Sherhat’s Pasha’s favorite is a 30 min massage with olive and palm oil, soapy rubbing – scrubbing, massage. Longer versions with other extras (rose oil massage, etc.) are also available, like Sherezade’s Dream, 1001 tales, the Sultan’s Wish massage. Currently there is no online booking in Lukacs Baths, so you will need to order it at the cashier. More info about Lukacs Bath: http://lukacsbaths.com/

  26. Hi I’m going to Budapest in February for 5 days and I am wondering will the bath houses be open then or do they only open in the summer

    • Hello Shaun, all thermal baths are open, but the outdoor pools in some of them (Gellert Spa) will be closed for winter. Szechenyi Baths is a safe choice as its 18 pools are open all year round, even in winter weather conditions (not necessarily below freezing point though).

  27. I can’t figure out for sure on any websites I’ve come across if the Friday night hours from 22.00 to 04:00 are mixed or male only. My wife & I are wondering. Thanks!

  28. What is the difference between night swimming on friday at Rudas, and the bath party on saturday at Szechenyi Bath?

    • Hello Romijn, the night swimming in Rudas Bath on Fridays and Saturdays is literally an opportunity to swim at late night opening hours (when people swim and soak).

      On the other hand, the party in Szechenyi Baths on Saturday nights is a party with music (DJ mostly electronic music), laser show and hundreds of girls and boys clubbing, dancing, chatting, etc.

      In short, Rudas Thermal Bath offers a laid back night swimming, while Szechenyi Thermal Bath offers a crazy night to remember for a lifetime as a highlight of Budapest nightlife.

  29. What a disaster are these baths, not really nude-friendly, better to go to Germany.

    • Dear Lars, we are sorry that you did not like Rudas Bath in Budapest. The bath is men only / women only on weekdays, which does not necessarily mean that the bath is nude friendly, but it is certainly relaxation friendly.

  30. We, me and my husband wil be in Budapest on April 1, 2 and 3 and we would like to go toghether to Rudas Bath , is ist possible, ? when and at what time? should we make any reservation or just arrrive in? what about clothes to go bath?
    Thank you

    • Hello Ana,
      unfortunately Rudas Bath is gender separated on weekdays, including April 1 – 3 (Tue – Thurs). If you wish to visit a bath together please consider another thermal bath in Budapest, like Szechenyi Baths or Gellert Spa or Kiraly Bath or Lukacs Bath – they are all co-ed every day of the week, on weekdays too. Rudas is only coed on the weekends.
      Please bring swimwear to the baths as none of the mixed baths are nude baths.

  31. Can you please tell me if there are still any small old fashioned, male only hammams in Budapest?

    • Hello Bernard, the only male only thermal bath in Budapest is Rudas Bath on certain weekdays. There are no more male only baths in Hungary as far as I know. The old traditional Turkish hammams like Kiraly Bath has been turned into a mixed bath.

      • Hi Bernard, I am visiting Budapest in late April 15 also looking for a hammams bath house, could possibly meet in Rudas ?
        Could buy you a beer…..James

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